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All The Things I Didn’t Know

When I started this, there were a lot of things I knew, or thought I knew, and a lot of things I didn’t know. I knew I was going to be up against it handing off a fifteen-page script to people who aren’t trained actors. I knew that would be compounded by trying to shoot […]

My Personal Tenets of Pornography

After the last long rant about how ethical pornography should be the only pornography, it has occurred to me that I should probably share my personal rules for the making of good and healthy erotica. I wouldn’t want there to be any doubt that I am ready to walk the walk, after so vigorously talking […]

Shooting Great Sex

The key, I think, to shooting great sex, is the same as shooting anything else: Time. Time for your performers and time for you. Over the course of the day, we might shoot across a couple different locations. We definitely shoot for coverage, first getting our wide shots, any mobile shots, shooting close ups for […]

How To Write a Porno

The average Debauched Films screenplay (for one of our short scenes) is 10 -15 pages long. Of those fifteen pages, approximately half a page is dedicated to actual sex. Which is to say, a vague description of how each character should behave during the act (“X is domineering, bordering on rough” or “Y takes the […]

On Making “Ethical” Porn

The porn industry has a bad reputation. Like it or not, deserved or not, there is the perception that, simmering just below our streets and cities there lies a stagnant pool of filth and degeneracy that laps at the doorways of civilised society. Every news article, every documentary that ventures into the perverse wasteland of […]