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Why I Should Pay For My Porn

There are a million blog posts and opinion pieces from industry insiders young and old about how, in this day and age, it is more important than ever to pay for your porn. As much as I totally agree with this viewpoint, hell my livelihood depends on it, there’s not a lot I can add […]

All The Things I Didn’t Know

When I started this, there were a lot of things I knew, or thought I knew, and a lot of things I didn’t know. I knew I was going to be up against it handing off a fifteen-page script to people who aren’t trained actors. I knew that would be compounded by trying to shoot […]

My Personal Tenets of Pornography

After the last long rant about how ethical pornography should be the only pornography, it has occurred to me that I should probably share my personal rules for the making of good and healthy erotica. I wouldn’t want there to be any doubt that I am ready to walk the walk, after so vigorously talking […]

Shooting Great Sex

The key, I think, to shooting great sex, is the same as shooting anything else: Time. Time for your performers and time for you. Over the course of the day, we might shoot across a couple different locations. We definitely shoot for coverage, first getting our wide shots, any mobile shots, shooting close ups for […]

How To Write a Porno

The average Debauched Films screenplay (for one of our short scenes) is 10 -15 pages long. Of those fifteen pages, approximately half a page is dedicated to actual sex. Which is to say, a vague description of how each character should behave during the act (“X is domineering, bordering on rough” or “Y takes the […]