Services & Rates for Sex Workers


Promotional Videos

Unique, original and effective video content specifically geared towards those in the carnal industries. Video is one of the most effective, engaging and under-utilised or under-produced premium marketing tools for escorts, non-sexual intimate companions, touring dancers, findommes, BDSM specialists, streamers and cam performers.

We work with you to create content that captures your personality, your vibe, and expresses your distinct point of view to potential customers; crafting high production value video content suitable for social media, advertising profiles and your own site. As well as your unique, orignal video, you will also receive a package of social media friendly GIF content and behind-the-scenes photographs which can be used to cross-promote or tease the release of your PV.

A standard package includes:

  • Preliminary planning meetings (in person or over Skype)
  • Script and moodboard preparation as needed
  • A single day of shooting with a crew of two people (up to 5.5 hours, excluding pack up/pack down)
  • Use of camera equipment, gimbal, lighting, audio, basic FX (fan, smoke machine)
  • Music licensing from a large selection of pre-licensed music
  • Edit, post-production, colour grade
  • Two rounds of revisions/notes
  • Final video: 1080P H.264 encoded MP4 suitable for use on all platforms
  • Social package: A selection of high quality GIFs and behind-the-scenes stills suitable for use on social media, professional platforms and/or Reddit
  • Post-delivery support covering embedding, uploading and sharing

What it does not include:

  • Location hire (for locations with a hire or rental fee)
  • Extras, co-stars, backup dancers and stuntmen
  • Consumable props (over $100)
  • Travel or accommodation costs (ex. Sydney)

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For independent sex-workers, creating quality advertising material is key to success in a competitive market; but, high-end video work can be prohibitively expensive. To that end, our standard package (as outlined above) is presented at a fixed price, set on a sliding scale to ensure that sex workers at every level and stage in their career have access to powerful, unique video content:

Standard package:

(incl. planning, pre-production, filming, post and delivery)

Your standard 1 hour outcall rate x 2.5

Special payment plans or content arrangements may be considered upon request.

For streamers, cam-performers, and other non-hourly SW, indicative costs begin at around $800 (all inclusive). Considering the specific needs of your field, please contact me to discuss further using the details below.

Projects can be tailored to suit your needs, so if you have further questions please get in touch to discuss your requirements (or DM me on Twitter).