Promotional Videos

Unique, original and effective video content specifically geared towards those in the carnal industries. Video is one of the most effective, engaging and under-utilised or under-produced premium marketing tools for escorts, non-sexual intimate companions, touring dancers, findommes, streamers and cam performers. We can produce promotional content for the full spectrum of cis, trans and non-binary individuals, as well as fetish specialists.

We work with you to create content that captures your personality, your vibe, and expresses your distinct point of view to potential customers; crafting high production value video content suitable for social media, advertising profiles and your own site. As well as your unique, orignal video, you will also receive a package of social media friendly GIF content and behind-the-scenes photographs which can be used to cross-promote or tease the release of your PV.

A standard package includes:

  • Up to two preliminary planning meetings
  • Script, storyboarding and moodboard preparation
  • A single day of shooting with a crew of two people (up to 5.5 hours, not including pack up/pack down)
  • Camera equipment, gimbal, lighting, audio, basic FX (fan, smoke machine)
  • Music licensing
  • Edit, post-production, colour grade
  • Two rounds of WIP revisions/notes
  • Final video: 1080P H.264 encoded MP4 suitable for use on all platforms
  • Social package: A selection of high quality GIFs and behind-the-scenes stills suitable for use on social media, professional platforms and/or Reddit
  • Post-delivery support on embedding, uploading and sharing if required

Check out our previous work on the Portfolio page.

Projects can be tailored to suit your needs and budget, please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Bespoke Erotica

Got a great idea for a pornographic film? Want to make a sex tape on a whole other level than your average hotel room handy-cam job? Have you been desperately looking for an oh-so-specific video that, somehow, doesn’t yet exist? Or are you simply shopping for a totally unique gift for that special someone? Escorts, do you have a client who really wants to formalise the ‘porn’ in their PSE?

We can create a made-to-order work of high value erotica with YOU as the executive producer. We’ll collaborate with you from script, through storyboard, casting and scheduling, all the way to shooting and post-production to ensure your vision is fulfilled. The full resources of Debauched Films will be made available to bring your ideas to life.

Project scope is limited only by your creativity and budget, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please note: Our Bespoke Erotica service is geared towards works for private consumption and not for public or commercial distribution. However, if you are interested in co-producing or engaging Patrick Kaine or Debauched Films on a commercial basis, please contact Patrick Kaine directly using the same contact links above.