Frankie Mustang – PV – 2m40s

VO: Frankie Mustang

Music: Stigmata (Instrumental) by Davis Absolute, used under license

Inside herself she swims, an ocean.

She is free in her wildness; a wanderess.

Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water.

Frankie Mustang – Twitter – FrankieMustang.com


Jenna Love – PV – 3m00s

VO: Jenna Love

Music: Diary of Ideas by Veshza, used under license

Remember that one girl?

You know the one… Maybe you dated her briefly. You were lucky enough to spend a night or a weekend with her. Maybe you just passed her on the street. But she caught your eye, your attention, and something about her stuck with you.

Jenna Love – TwitteriWantFanClubScarlettBlueJennaLove.net