Other Services


Commercial Videography

Video content is one of the most effective advertising tools available for business in the carnal and carnal-adjacent industries. Swingers clubs, strip clubs, brothels, adult dating services, fetish venues, artists and pornographers all have a social media and online presence that could see the traffic and engagement benefits that high-quality video advertising can bring.

We’ll work with you to create videos that sell your product, your service, your special, unique proposition to clients both new and old.


Bespoke Erotica

Got a great idea for a pornographic film? Want to make a sex tape on a whole other level than your average hotel room handycam job? Or, does one of your clients want to formalise that “P” in your “PSE”?

We can create a made-to-order work of high value erotica with YOU as the executive producer. We’ll collaborate with you from script, through storyboard, casting and scheduling, all the way to shooting and post-production to ensure your vision is fulfilled. The full resources of Debauched Films will be made available to bring your ideas to life.

Project scope is limited only by your creativity and budget, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please note: Our Bespoke Erotica service is geared towards works for private consumption and not for public or commercial distribution. However, if you are interested in co-producing or engaging Patrick Kaine or Debauched Films on a commercial basis, please contact Patrick Kaine directly via email.