On Video and Marketing (My New Venture)


Recently I was lucky enough to spend an entire day with the absolutely incomparable Jenna Love in and around a hotel room in Darling Harbour. We had been messaging back and forth for weeks and had a couple of sit down meetings, one over brunch and an afternoon drink when I was lucky enough to catch her on the way to the theatre. Jenna is an escort and, one of New South Wales’ most well regarded escorts, if social media presence is any metric, but it was not for the obvious reason that I was meeting her in an inner city hotel room in the middle of the afternoon.

Jenna is a bombshell, of that there can be no doubt. I saw men struck dumb by her presence, missing green lights or tripping on raised pavement. My wife and I moved in her orbit with a camera on a monopod, a light reflector, a satchel bag with water and cashews and makeup wipes. She damn near blew us away, romancing the camera with come-hither eyes and her heart-melting smile. We knew going in that Jenna is no stranger to people taking her photo, to quick costume changes through all manner of va-va-voom dresses and slinky lingerie. But damn.

I had spent those meetings trying to get to know her. I had told her I wanted to create a promotional video for her that showed the unique, ineffable qualities that a blurb in a scarlett blue ad and beautifully staged photographs could not. I wanted to show her comfortable, natural. Her ads (accurately) portray an absolute sex bomb, sure; that much is plain as day. But when I had sat with her I immediately caught in the charm and ease that radiates effortlessly from her. I probed her for stories and anecdotes so I could write something honest and true about her, but found myself telling her about me, sharing parts of myself with this undeniably cool woman who I was just so lucky to be sitting across from in a Surry hills cafe. That was the quality that struck me most of all, and the quality that I was most wanting to express.

I wanted to get into porn because I had a penchant for writing and film making, and had seen advertising swallow too many of my creative friends’ aspirations. I thought, at least I can be creative on my terms, in my own way. When I had the idea to start doing promotional content for people in the sex industry it didn’t feel like selling out, it felt like another way to express my regard the beauteous smut that I adore so much.


And the great news is, there’s already more content on the way. We recently spent a weekend filming in a repurposed St Peters warehouse and on the rocky cliffs above bondi with the amazing Frankie Mustang, and editing has begun.


The best part? If you like the videos you see, you can have one of your very own. Digital video is the most dominant form of online advertising, and is expected to continue to be so into the next decade. It drastically increases engagement, and is measured to increase sales conversion rates by up to 85%. Unique, personalised video content could be of incredible value to you.

Anyway, sales pitch over. More details are below.

My new offering

Promotional Videos

Unique, original and effective video content specifically geared towards those in the carnal industries. Video is one of the most effective, engaging and under-utilised marketing tools for escorts, non-sexual intimate companions, touring dancers, remote findommes and cam performers. We can produce promotional content for the full spectrum of cis, trans and non-binary individuals, as well as fetish specialists.

We work with you to create content that captures your personality, your vibe, and expresses your distinct point of view to potential customers; crafting high production value video content suitable for social media, advertising profiles and your own site. As well as your unique, orignal video, you will also receive a package of social media friendly GIF content and behind-the-scenes photographs which can be used to cross-promote or tease the release of your PV.

Bespoke Erotica

Got a great idea for a pornographic film? Want to make a sex tape on a whole other level than your average hotel room handycam job? Have you been desperately looking for an oh-so-specific video that, somehow, doesn’t yet exist? Or are you simply shopping for a totally unique gift for that special someone?

We can create a made-to-order work of high value erotica with YOU as the executive producer. We’ll collaborate with you from script, through storyboard, casting and scheduling, all the way to shooting and post-production to ensure your vision is fulfilled. The full resources of Debauched Films will be made available to bring your ideas to life.

All of this info is of course mirrored on my Portfolio and Services pages, should you be interested enough to read more.

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Producer, writer, director, and above all, enthusiastic pornographer. Founder of DebauchedFilms.com

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